Fotos de un reportero soviético de guerra

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Fotos de un reportero soviético de guerra

Notapor syncho » 12 Jun 2011, 13:35


Evgeny Khaldei is one of the most famous Soviet photographers, a reporter of the TASS news in pictures, he represented its editorial staff during the Great Patriotic War. All 1,418 days he and his “Leica” went from Murmansk to Berlin. One of his most popular photos is “The Raising of the victory flag over the Reichstag”. Photos of Evgeny Khaldei were among evidences at the Nuremberg trials, especially those made in Sevastopol. After the war photographer fell out of favour, and despite the fact that after Stalin’s death, he again gained access to the newspaper pages, until 1970 he could not organize his photo exhibition in the Soviet Union because of oppressions of the Soviet leaders. Today, the festival “War and Peace” is held in the Sevastopol museum of Sheremetev, here people can see unique images, printed from negatives of the author. Many of them are exhibited for the first time.

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